Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 706-720

#706 - Zach Duke, #707 - Caleb Thielbar, #708 - Daisuke Matsuzaka
It's nice to see Dice-K still kicking around in the league.

#709 - Dellin Betances, #710 - Jesse Chavez, #711 - Reid Brignac
Thoughts on the Jesse Chavez pic? I like that it's different but I could see somebody thinking it's just too odd.

#712 - Gregory Polanco, #713 - Seth Maness, #714 - Rymer Liriano
Polanco and Liriano's pics are pretty similar, along with them both being rookie rightfielders.

#715 - Jake Peavy, #716 - Chris Denorfia, #717 - Grant Balfour
That's actually Peavy's follow-through and not a celebratory fist pump. The Denorfia photo is the only viable one I could find with him in a Mariner's uniform. Luckily it's excellent.

#718 -Adam Rosales, #719 - Danny Valencia, #720 - Nate Schierholtz
The Schierholtz broken bat shot is actually from this year's playoffs but I airbrushed the postseason patch off his sleeve. We'll just ignore the fact that in the real world, these cards would've been printed by the time this photo would've been taken...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 691-705

#691 - Alfredo Marte, #692 - Phil Gosselin, #693 - Steve Clevenger
Hopefully that Phil Gosselin tongue is funnier than creepy.

#694 - Allen Craig, #695 - Jorge Soler, #696 - Andre Rienzo
I'm not a big fan of New Era having their logo smeared entirely along the back wall of the dugout but there's no way I'm going to the trouble of photoshopping all of that out.

#697 - Jumbo Diaz, #698 - T.J. House, #699 - LaTroy Hawkins
Pretty happy with the variety of these shots, though it would've been nice to show exactly how jumbo Jumbo is.

#700 - Kyle Lobstein, #701 - Chad Qualls, #702 - Yordano Ventura
I'm not sure if I've had a trio of pitchers in home whites before. I'm just now noticing it.

#703 - Grant Green, #704 - Drew Butera, #705 - Dan Jennings
Luckily I was able to find one usable shot of Dan Jennings. It was kinda sad looking through his images since like 90% were devoted to the aftermath of him taking a liner to the head on the mound.

Friday, October 17, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 676-690

#676 - Jimmy Nelson, #677 - Casey Fien, #678 - Kirk Nieuwenhuis
I'm glad I'm not a Mets fan. Typing Nieuwenhuis frequently would be a chore.

#679 - Chris Capuano, #680 - Adam Dunn, #681 - Cesar Hernandez
Even though I'm glad the Royals beat the A's and have made it to the World Series now, I still feel kinda bad for Adam Dunn. I guess it's Bob Melvin's fault for not even pinch-hitting him in the Wild Card Game.

#682 - Tony Sanchez, #683 - John Lackey, #684 - Yangervis Solarte
I figured I'd give Lackey a more flattering photo for his Series 3 card.

#685 - Andrew Susac, #686 - Stefen Romero, #687 - Erik Bedard
The lighting on the Bedard pic is sweet. It'd be perfect for some GQ/A&G-ization.

#688 - Robinson Chirinos, #689 - Kevin Pillar, #690 - Nate McLouth
I'll try not to overdo the diving in the outfield grass shot but this one was too cool not to use. This one has a shadow and carpet! Plus, Pillar didn't exactly have a ton of other shots to choose.

2014 Spirit Base: 661-675

#661 - Jake Lamb, #662 - Ryan Doumit, #663 - Alejandro De Aza
I've noticed a preponderance of night-time shots in Series 3. Maybe it has something to do with these lesser-known players getting into the game later or something.

#664 - Mookie Betts, #665 - Javier Baez, #666 - Scott Carroll
That Mookie Betts card is pretty cool, coming from the dugout with Yankee Stadium in the background. If he were to become a star I feel like this card would be iconic.

#667 - Manny Parra, #668 - Jason Giambi, #669 - Tyler Matzek
I wish the Giambi showcased his gray hair a bit more. It's pretty wild.

#670 - Ezequiel Carrera, #671 - Jake Marisnick, #672 - Jason Frasor
I'm guessing that Carrera's swing didn't result in a base hit.

#673 - Gordon Beckham, #674 - Darwin Barney, #675 - Chris Hatcher
Orange is really becoming a popular jersey colors these days. I guess it's the new black. (sorry)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 646 - 660

#646 - Jeff Bianchi, #647 - Yohan Pino, #648 - Bobby Abreu
I wasn't aware that the Twins had a Pino-Pinto battery.

#649 - Martin Prado, #650 - Sam Fuld, #651 - Tony Gwynn, Jr.
I wonder how long it'll be before a "junior' overtakes his father in popular again, a la the Griffeys? Somehow I don't see it happening with the Gwynns.

#652 - Andrew Lambo, #653 - Tony Cruz, #654 - Tommy Medica
Not gonna lie, that Tony Cruz card is probably the worst in the set. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#655 - Juan Gutierrez, #656 - Kendrys Morales, #657 - Brandon Guyer
Pretty solid set of photos here.

#658 - Rougned Odor, #659 - Ryan Goins, #660 - Asdrubal Cabrera
And a trio of second-basemen to finish up the post.

2014 Spirit Base: 631-645

#631 - David Peralta, #632 - Christian Bethancourt, #633 - Nick Hundley
Three colorful batting photos.

#634 - Brock Holt, #635 - Arismendy Alcantara, #636 - Hector Noesi
BROCK HOLT! That's a great shot of the ivy for Alcantara.

#637 - Logan Ondrusek, #638 - Cody Allen, #639 - Corey Dickerson
Am I the only one who gets Corey and Chris Dickerson mixed up?

#640 - Eugenio Suarez, #641 - Alex Presley, #642 - Christian Colon
It's a good thing I made the display size smaller for Series 3 because that Alex Presley photo would look really crappy any bigger. There weren't a lot of images of him I could find.

#643 - Efren Navarro, #644 - Miguel Rojas, #645 - Mike Dunn
It's my secret hope that Navarro somehow sticks in the league and has a big-time, backbreaking postseason homer so people can start calling him "Mother Efren' Navarro."

Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 616-630

#616 - Elian Herrera, #617 - Kennys Vargas, #618 - Matt den Dekker
The bad thing about these late-season photos is the abundance of empty seats in the background.

#619 - Stephen Drew, #620 - Jason Hammel, #621 - Wil Nieves
I tried to get a little bit of the crowd in the Nieves card so you can see he's tossing it into the stands.

#622 - Ike Davis, #623 - Randal Grichuk, #624 - Rene Rivera
I'm finding a lot of cool fielding shots so far. The Rivera one in particular is very dyamic.

#625 - Joe Panik, #626 - Endy Chavez, #627 - Kevin Kiermaier
I really hope Panik's season isn't just a fluke. Also, check out that carpet in St. Petersburg. So gross.

#628 - Nick Martinez, #629 - Munenori Kawasaki, #630 - Jose Lobaton
Look at all that red, white and blue. That Kawasaki sliding pic is a hoot.

2014 Spirit Base, Series 3: 601-615

In the interest of speeding things along, I'm now formatting the cards 3-up and 15 total per post. Also, since a lot of the guys featured are guys I don't know much (or anything) about, the writing will be much sparser as well.

#601 - Ender Inciarte, #602 - Tommy La Stella, #603 - Caleb Joseph
A bubble gum pic, a nice outfield shot and a unique catcher pic. Off to a good start.

#604 - Yoenis Cespedes, #605 - Chris Coghlan, #606 - Adrian Nieto
The forlorn Cespedes shot is pretty fitting. I'm sure he was just as blindsided by the trade as everyone else.

#607 - Brayan Pena, #608 - Chris Dickerson, #609 - Chad Bettis
I'm really glad the Bettis photo was able to fit without cropping something out.

#610 - Andrew Romine, #611 - Jon Singleton, #612 - Erik Kratz
Pretty satisfied with all three photos here. The Romine is a nice close-up action shot. Singleton's is pretty funny. And I like that Kratz is smiling.

#613 - Matt Shoemaker, #614 - Kevin Correia, #615 - Jarred Cosart
Three starting pitchers. I wonder what kind of impact Shoemaker will have on 2015 cards.

Friday, October 10, 2014

And the winner is...

First off, I'd like to thank those of you who took the time to comment and share with me your favorite cards. It's always nice to hear feedback and know that my work is actually being seen by the eyes of others. Now onto the giveaway.

I took the list of commenters (ordered by comment chronology) and ran it through once. Here are the results:

Congrats to McCann Can Triple! Her*(thanks for the correction)  favorite card of the set was #327 - David Price.

I can't really argue with her choice. Luckily for Mr. Price, he'll have another card in Series 3 with him actually pitching. That's right, I finished putting together the checklist and I'll be doing another 300 cards. Luckily for you, though, I'll spread it across fewer posts so you won't have to click through as many near-identical blog entries. My goal is to have the final card posted before the final out of the World Series. If the Giants manage to make it to World Series, that may be an obstacle. We'll see...

Again, thank you all for commenting, reading or even just scrolling through to look at the pretty pictures. I really do appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Give me your opinion, I'll give you this autograph

In case you didn't read through my final Spirit Base post, now that I'm finished with Series 1 and 2, I'm looking for some feedback. All you have to do is tell me which of the 600 cards I created you like best. It could be your favorite player, a really great photograph or any other criteria of your choice. Either leave a comment on this post or the last past of the series. Or you can tweet your choice to me if that's your thing. On Friday, October 10th I'll randomize all comments and one winner will receive this 2014 Topps Archives Bill Russell Fan Favorites Autograph. No need to write your own blog post linking to mine or anything like that. Just comment with your choice (card # and player name) and you're entered to win. That's it.

Again, thanks for all your patience and time during this project. There may even be a Series 3 to come. If that happens, I'll change the post format a bit so it won't be so spammy for all you followers.