Friday, September 21, 2018

2018 Clubhouse: Kansas City Royals

56. Danny Duffy

57. Kelvin Herrera

58. Whit Merrifield

59. Mike Moustakas

60. Salvador Pérez 

This Royals roster looks pretty picked over with 40% no longer being on the squad now. It'll be interesting to see who would make the 5-card setlist for next season.

Pérez and Merrifield are the signers for the Royals, so basically the lone remaining face of the franchise and their clear-cut best player, respectively. All things considered, not bad for Royals fans.

Pérez gets the wood parallel here since it'd probably be the most sough-after Royals card in the whole product.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

2018 Clubhouse: Houston Astros

51. José Altuve

52. Alex Bregman 

53. Carlos Correa

54. George Springer

55. Justin Verlander

Finally, my first perfect team set. Nobody to bump, nobody to add :)

Altuve and Springer are the auto subjects. Again, with these 5, any two picks would be solid.

I'm a sucker for orange and black so the black parallel works for me here.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

2018 Clubhouse: Detroit Tigers

#46. Miguel Cabrera

#47. Nicholas Castellanos

#48. Michael Fulmer

#49. José Iglesias

#50. James McCann

What to say about the Tigers? The fact that they're on pace to just barely eek past 62 wins and that you could reasonably call that exceeding expectations speaks volumes about their roster (and the league at large). Outside of Miggy (who's been hurt for most of the season), there's not a lot of hobby stalwarts on the club. Castellanos has had a slightly better year than last year and is probably the silverest of linings here.

Cabrera HAD to be an autograph subject here. It would be extra cruel to leave him out.

The red parallels aren't the prettiest with the Tigers' orange and navy. But the #5/5 is and eBay 1/1 at least!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

2018 Clubhouse: Colorado Rockies

#41. Nolan Arenado

#42. Charlie Blackmon

#43. Jon Gray

#44. DJ LeMahieu

#46. Trevor Story

Time for Rockies set. I really have a love/hate relationship with the Rockies. I'd love to see any of these hitters in the Giants lineup but I hate them for everything they do against the Giants. Plus, they've been around for 25 years now and haven't really won anything, so I kinda have a sliver of sympathy for them. Anyway, enough condescension, let's talk about the checklist. I was expecting Jon Gray to have the season Kyle Freeland is having, so his inclusion here looks weird since he's been no better than average. Everything else looks pretty much perfect to me

Arenado getting an auto slot is obviously the best case scenario here. I gave the other to LeMahieu since he seems to be the most under-the-radar of the Rockies hitters. 

We're cycling back around on the parallels as all 8 have been unveiled. Now I'll just be picking out which ones I think look best with the photos or trying to keep them even. The gold looks good on this Blackmon card.

Monday, September 17, 2018

2018 Clubhouse: Cleveland Indians

#36. Edwin Encarnación

#37. Corey Kluber

#38. Francisco Lindor

#39. Andrew Miller

#40. José Ramírez

This is pretty spot-on for the Indians team set. Since Andrew Miller's been hurt a lot of the season, his spot could easily go to maybe Trevor Bauer (ew) or Carlos Carrasco, but he's still one of the best relievers in the league. Encarnación probably isn't one of the five best players on the team either but him being here doesn't seem strange to me (even though squeezing his name onto the card wasn't easy).

Miller and Lindor are the autograph subjects. Again, probably the alpha and omega autos.

And for the last parallel, how about something a little different? Since these are the least rare of the parallels (#/150), why not go a little crazy? The rainbow here paired with the ice/atomic/crackle effect is definitely unique compared to the rest of the slightly sparkly solid color borders. I can only do so much digitally but I think these would be pretty cool in-hand.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

2018 Clubhouse: Cincinnati Reds

31. Adam Duvall

32. Billy Hamilton

33. Scott Schebler

34. Eugenio Suárez

35. Joey Votto

Other than being absent one Scooter, this works out pretty well. That Suárez pic is pretty sweet in particular.

Joey Votto just had to be one of the Reds' signers since he's by far their best/most collectable player. Schebler is pretty under the radar but I figured Votto would make up for that.

I'm excited for this parallel. I know the Allen & Ginter wood minis are a bit hit so I figured a full-size parallel would be even better. These are all 1/1s, so they'd be pretty damn hard to pull and I imagine you'd be pretty psyched to find one.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

2018 Clubhouse: Chicago White Sox

26. José Abreu

27. Tim Anderson

28. Matt Davidson

29. Nick Delmonico

30. Yoán Moncada

While I didn't hit the nail on the head with the White Sox, it's less egregious because there aren't a lot of options. Avisail Garcia, Daniel Palka and Carlos Rodon probably deserve inclusion but I can't imagine anyone clamoring for them any more than the guys I picked.

Autos are the no-brainer, Abreu, and someone who's had a surprisingly solid year, Matt Davidson.

Getting down to the last few parallels. Here's the red version of Yoán Moncada, numbered to just 5. It kinda works well with the White Sox unofficial accent color.

Friday, September 14, 2018

2018 Clubhouse: Chicago Cubs

#21. Javier Baez

#22. Kris Bryant 

#23. Yu Darvish

#24. Anthony Rizzo

#25. Kyle Schwarber

Another team stuffed with too many players. That makes it even harder to swallow Darvish having a card here. Turns out it's hard to predict who will have a great or horrible season. Who knew? Contreras, Zobrist and Lester all probably stake a claim to that spot on the list.

Schwarb and Rizzo are the signing players for the Cubs. I never noticed how nice Schwarber's signature is. While you can't really make out much more than the K and S (and maybe a lowercase h or b?), it's got a really nice rhythm to it that looks fun to sign.

I also thought the Cubs would be a good team to introduce the blue parallels with. These are numbered to 75. The blue isn't quite Cubbie blue but it still pops.