Friday, September 14, 2018

2018 Clubhouse: Chicago Cubs

#21. Javier Baez

#22. Kris Bryant 

#23. Yu Darvish

#24. Anthony Rizzo

#25. Kyle Schwarber

Another team stuffed with too many players. That makes it even harder to swallow Darvish having a card here. Turns out it's hard to predict who will have a great or horrible season. Who knew? Contreras, Zobrist and Lester all probably stake a claim to that spot on the list.

Schwarb and Rizzo are the signing players for the Cubs. I never noticed how nice Schwarber's signature is. While you can't really make out much more than the K and S (and maybe a lowercase h or b?), it's got a really nice rhythm to it that looks fun to sign.

I also thought the Cubs would be a good team to introduce the blue parallels with. These are numbered to 75. The blue isn't quite Cubbie blue but it still pops.

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