Thursday, September 13, 2018

2018 Clubhouse: Boston Red Sox

#16. Andrew Benintendi

#17. Mookie Betts

#18. Xander Bogaerts

#19. Rafael Devers (RC)

#20. Craig Kimbrel

This is where the "5 cards per team" rule hurts in the complete opposite way the Orioles did. Having to leave out J.D. Martinez and Chris Sale is a tough look. Kimbrel probably could've gotten the axe since closers aren't super collectable. 

The autograph options were Bogaerts and Mr. Devers here. I included him since he was "the" hot rookie before the season began. He's not having a spectacular year by any means but it's still early enough for this auto to not be a bummer.

The parallel this time around is chrome-esque. Since that's probably a proprietary thing for Topps, I'll have to come up with a different term. Is "luster" still available? If so, here's the Mookie Betts luster parallel. These are numbered to 10 so they're a little more "special".

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