Tuesday, September 18, 2018

2018 Clubhouse: Colorado Rockies

#41. Nolan Arenado

#42. Charlie Blackmon

#43. Jon Gray

#44. DJ LeMahieu

#46. Trevor Story

Time for Rockies set. I really have a love/hate relationship with the Rockies. I'd love to see any of these hitters in the Giants lineup but I hate them for everything they do against the Giants. Plus, they've been around for 25 years now and haven't really won anything, so I kinda have a sliver of sympathy for them. Anyway, enough condescension, let's talk about the checklist. I was expecting Jon Gray to have the season Kyle Freeland is having, so his inclusion here looks weird since he's been no better than average. Everything else looks pretty much perfect to me

Arenado getting an auto slot is obviously the best case scenario here. I gave the other to LeMahieu since he seems to be the most under-the-radar of the Rockies hitters. 

We're cycling back around on the parallels as all 8 have been unveiled. Now I'll just be picking out which ones I think look best with the photos or trying to keep them even. The gold looks good on this Blackmon card.

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