Wednesday, September 19, 2018

2018 Clubhouse: Detroit Tigers

#46. Miguel Cabrera

#47. Nicholas Castellanos

#48. Michael Fulmer

#49. José Iglesias

#50. James McCann

What to say about the Tigers? The fact that they're on pace to just barely eek past 62 wins and that you could reasonably call that exceeding expectations speaks volumes about their roster (and the league at large). Outside of Miggy (who's been hurt for most of the season), there's not a lot of hobby stalwarts on the club. Castellanos has had a slightly better year than last year and is probably the silverest of linings here.

Cabrera HAD to be an autograph subject here. It would be extra cruel to leave him out.

The red parallels aren't the prettiest with the Tigers' orange and navy. But the #5/5 is and eBay 1/1 at least!

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