Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Spirit FanFare Autos

It's 2012 and time to reactive the blog here. We're less than month from the release of 2012 Topps Series I so hopefully we'll have some product review posts shortly. As for now...

Here's my first autograph insert set for Spirit. The 'FanFare' theme here highlights the players that are 'fan favorites' on each club. Sometimes they're the superstars, sometimes they're the local favorites. I know it'd probably be nearly impossible to have an auto checklist that wasn't littered with pinch hitters or bottom of the lineup guys, but you know that's what everybody wants.

The card design is pretty basic with team-color swatches in the bottom and also behind a full-action cutout.  The player name and Spirit logo are in a silver foil along with a thin frame inset around the edge. Peeking up just above the player name is a soft white gradient for the player's autograph. A nice touch to the autos would be having them sign them with a team-color ink.

The back of the card has team colors as well, but with a new 'wooden fence' texture to supplement the mesh fabric texture standard on most Spirit cards. With player names on the left and a candid portrait to the right, the next most prominent feature is the FanFare pennant with the team logos. Below the Spirit logo is the 'official' COA for each individual card.

My intentions were to have a 30-card set but I'm leaving the checklist open since I'm not 'in the know' for every fanbase as to which player would be the crowd favorite. Some would be obvious (Braun-Brewers; Hamilton-Rangers; Votto-Reds) while I wouldn't know where to begin with teams like Arizona or Houston or Baltimore.

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