Friday, March 2, 2012

Spirit Deluxe Relic Autos

Expanding on the Deluxe Autos from a few posts back, here is another auto set but with the introduction of a relic swatch. These have a lot of the same elements from the other Deluxe cards. The team color texture fading into the photograph, silver foil, same typefaces. The vertical jersey swatch along the left side is the distinguishing factor of the set. Admittedly, it would be cool of the jersey swatch matched the team color texture but I think the white stands out in a good way. Of course pinstripes with the appropriate teams would be nice to see as well.

On the back, we have a more casual player photo along with the team colors and logos. Curious to see if anybody notices anything special/different about the Posey photo on the back, though it may be hard to see with the white text box over it. The basic composition is similar to front but with those few changes to keep them distinguishable. Each card is serial-numbered to 199.


  1. Ross, I gotta say you're making some awesome stuff here. I just found you blog yesterday and it's great! I love the detail you put into your cards especially the backs. I'm a custom designer myself, but I don't have the patience to do all the back details, so I just do the fronts. Check out my blog if you like. It's mostly basketball centric, but I dabble in just about all sports. My blog is
    I'd like to ask a few question about your work withoug going into too much here, but I couldn't find and email address for you. If you don't mind drop me a note at I'd like to pick your brain a little. Later.

  2. He will also do custom work for your blogs! (see my header for an example)