Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 Spirit Base Series 1: 211-220

#211 - Didi Gregorius
This is a pretty dynamic play by Didi here. I sure wish the Arizona fans could've filled up the bleachers in the background though.

#212 - Jonny Venters
Venters missed all of 2013 and opened up the 2014 season on the DL. I hope he comes back in time to make this card relevant.

#213 - J.J. Hardy
Hardy's finally getting some recognition as one of the better AL shortstops. I'm already calling him signing with the Yankees this offseason.

#214 - Koji Uehara
Boston's postseason hero with that ever-present smile on his face.

#215 - James Russell
When I see/hear "James Russell," the first thing that pops in my mind is this.

#216 - Jose Quintana
With the White Sox uniforms, it's nice to have the green grass add some color to things.

#217 - Ryan Ludwick
Why the long face/neck?

#218 - Justin Masterson
I'd think Masterson would be established enough now to get a lower number but apparently he's still rocking #63.

#219 - Charlie Blackmon
Even as a Giants fan that follows the NL West pretty closely, I had no idea about Charlie Blackmon before this season started. Couldn't tell you his position, how old he was, what he looked like, nothing. Needless to say, he's turning a heads so far.

#220 - Drew Smyly
I kinda love the psychadelic background here.

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