Friday, July 28, 2017


4. Kevin Gausman

48. Madison Bumgarner

10. Denard Span

226. Roman Quinn

187. Max Scherzer

209. Wil Myers

219. Jonathan Lucroy

115. Gerrit Cole

3. Marcell Ozuna

TB2. Ian Kinsler - Throwbacks

Pack number two introduces insert number two, Throwbacks. I’ve done them twice before since the idea is perfectly suited for the Pennant brand. Featuring players in throwback uniforms is pretty much a no-brainer for retro sets like this. The Kinsler here may be a little weird since the Tigers were wearing uniforms of the Negro League’s Detroit Stars in the picture used here. The other cards in the insert set use the era-appropriate logos of the respective teams. I couldn’t find any kind of Detroit Stars logo so went with a simple red star like the one found on the hats. Hopefully that little background info clears things up in case it looks a little generic. The subsequent Throwbacks cards will help add context after the fact.

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