Friday, August 11, 2017


201. Chris Sale 

285. Jake Lamb 

130. Keon Broxton 

199. Kole Calhoun 

217. Edwin Diaz

213. Aledmys Diaz 

129. Jayson Werth 

194. Byron Buxton

300. Domingo Santana 

FF2. Aaron Judge - Future Favorites

And here’s our first Aaron Judge card. You may have noticed the absence of the RC logon on the Judge card. Unlike Topps, I decided that Spirit cards should only sport the RC logo on base cards included in the main set. That means no inserts. We don’t do a lot of parallels in Spirit products but for ones that are parallels of the base card, RC logos will appear where applicable. I figure it would help to not dilute the entire point of the RC designation if they weren’t plastered over every card this year. Novel concept, huh?

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