Monday, November 21, 2011

2012 Spirit - Artistry

Time for another insert! This round focuses on the elite pitchers of MLB, nine each from the NL and AL. Pitchers are often referred to as being 'artists' on the mound so I figured they'd be a great subject for a painting-like design. I know we've had UD Masterpieces and various iterations of Diamond Kings and National Chicle, but these seem to be a little bit different.

They're strictly digital 'paintings' so they retain a portion of photographic clarity. Through various blending modes, filters, image adjustments and plain old 'painting' in Photoshop, I arrived at what you see up there. I'm pretty happy with the results but mostly because I stopped at two. The card stock would be a matte-like feel, maybe even similar to UD Masterpieces but without the canvas texture. Player name and Spirit Artistry logo have a gold foil stamp.

For the backside of the card, the painting theme is applied via a picture frame border. Above some weathered-looking canvas is brief write-up about each player and their 'artistry,' I'm not much of a writer, so the copy is pretty standard stuff.

Here's the checklist for all 18 cards in the set:
1    Matt Cain
2    Chris Carpenter
3    Roy Hallady
4    Cole Hamels
5    Tim Hudson
6    Ian Kennedy
7    Clayton Kershaw
8    Cliff Lee
9    Tim Lincecum
10    Josh Beckett
11    Mark Buerhle
12    Felix Hernandez
13    Mariano Rivera
14    CC Sabathia
15    James Shields
16    Jose Valverde
17    Justin Verlander
18    Jered Weaver

Quite a few teams doubled-up (or even tripled-up) but I think it's pretty unavoidable when looking at the league's pitching staffs.

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