Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 Spirit Base Series 1: 131-140

#131 - Lucas Harrell
This is a really good shot, filling the card and also keeping the ball in frame.

#132 - Alcides Escobar
Right out of the gates, I'd say the Royals are the team with the best looking cards so far. Maybe it's the colors or something.

#133 - Josh Hamilton
This would be a great shot for a Panini release

#134 - Brandon League
That blue glove is kinda pretty.

#135  - Nathan Eovaldi
There weren't a ton of options for Eovaldi.

#136 - Aramis Ramirez
I don't see a lot of Ramirez playing but I always had the impression he was very serious and gruff. So that make this picture pretty cool to dispel that notion. I wish the Spirit logo didn't have to cover up any of his hand, though.

#137 - Kevin Correia
This is basically the same image as the Harrell card above just not quite as perfectly framed.

#138 - Juan Lagares
I really appreciate how quiet the fence is behind him here. There have been lots of really good photos I had to turn away just because they were plastered with some kind of inescapable corporate logo.

#139 - Hirko Kuroda
Great lighting on this shot. I also appreciate that you can tell he's a pitcher even though it doesn't show his windup or delivery.

#140 - Jed Lowrie
This is a nice, up close sliding shot that fits all of him in frame and shows his face. Probably one of the best so far.

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