Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2014 Spirit Base Series 1: 141-150

#141 - Mike Adams
I'm not super-pleased with this photo here. It's pretty grainy and dark but this was by far the best option amongst very few others.

#142 - Clint Barmes
I do believe this is the first bunting shot of the set. It's a pretty good one, too.

#143 - Matt Holliday
This would also make an easy Panini photo. Just airbrush the StL off his helmet and the World Series patch on his sleeve and you're good to go.

#144 - Alexi Amarista
Looking at this pic, the overwhelming thought going through my mind is "DE PLANE! DE PLANE!"

#145 - Marco Scutaro
Ah, good ol' Mallet Finger. It's weird to see the empty seats behind him at AT&T.

#146 - Danny Farquhar
Loved him in Shrek.

#147 - Chris Archer
If the background looks weird, it's because it's this.

#148 - Jurickson Profar
I'm still not buying into the hype, but I will say this is probably one of the best looking cards of the set thus far.

#149 - Mark Buehrle
There must be a really prolific photography in St. Petersburg because soooooo many of the images I flip through seem to have that huge red State Farm banner in the outfield. Either that or State Farm likes to smear its logo over every ballpark.

#150 - Wilson Ramos
Interesting angle here and some nice blue sky behind him.

Well, that brings us to the midway point of Series 1. Part of me is proud that I'm still going at this strong while another part of me is numbed by the fact I have so many cards left to make. I'll keep plowing ahead. But I do think this is a good point to take a break and maybe post something different for a bit. I was thinking about doing a design for the packaging. Maybe even an insert or two. Stay tuned.

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