Monday, February 20, 2012

Members Only

Time for another merit-based insert set for Spirit. This one focuses on the top 10 performing players over the last 5 seasons in 6 different statistical categories: hits, home runs, RBIs, wins, saves and ERA. These 6 subsets make up the 60-card "Members Only" insert set. Each 'Club' has its own logo displaying their respective statistic.

The look of this set is like a old, secret book passed down generation after generation to the incoming members. Each logo looks embossed into the canvas books cover while gold leaf pops off the edges. We have a team color swatch at the bottom to house the player name & team in gold foil. On the right side is the gold foil 'club' logo with the player's respective total below.

On the back side you'll find the color swatch moved to the top along with the player name/position/team flanked on either side by the card number and team logo. Below is leaderboard for each club which also serves as a checklist of sorts. On each individual player's card, their name and leaderboard position are highlighted.

After I finished with this design, I realized it looks a bit like the first Upper Deck SP set from 1993 and Panini had a baby.

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