Saturday, March 8, 2014

2014 Spirit Base Series 1: 151-160

Alright, after that short break, time jump back in the saddle here.

#151 - Brad Ziegler
Ziegler's mechanics don't really lend themselves to many aesthetically pleasing photographs.

#152 - Evan Gattis
El Oso Blanco. What a great nickname.

#153 - Wei-Yin Chen
I'm glad this angle was able to keep the ball in frame as it hurls into the foreground.

#154 - David Ortiz
There are so many good Red Sox photos from the postseason. I hope I'm not overusing them.

#155 - Chris Rusin
I really hope the Cubs roster building pans out soon. There are so many guys on their roster I have no idea about.

#156 - Dayan Viciedo
Dayan/I don't say it but I know/You know
(probably like a 1% chance anyone gets that reference)

#157 - Mike Leake
I can't believe Leake's 26 years old. He looks like he's barely old enough to drink.

#158 - Ryan Raburn
This is a nice pose at the plate here. There's a little bit of action going on but you get a clear look at Raburn's face. It's not that easy to find batting shots where their faces/mouths aren't all contorted.

#159 - Adam Ottavino
Just enough of Ottavino's profile here to make this one usable.

#160 - Austin Jackson
Just now noticed that all of these pairs are pitchers on the left and hitters on the right.


  1. Just waiting to see your 11-colored rainbow, die cut, refractor, xfractor, icefractor, superfractor and acetate parallels ;)

  2. Nuke's interview at the end of Bull Durham?

    Either I've just made a fool of myself or I sit in the 1%.

    No cheating either.