Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 Spirit Base Series 1: 161-170

#161 - Jose Altuve
Altuve's probably my favorite that I don't collect. Maybe it's because of his stature. Or how much fun it is to say his name. Or the fact he's stuck on the Astros. Either way, I'm pulling for him to shine.

#162 - Aaron Crow
I used to have an Northwest Arkansas Naturals Aaron Crow shirsey, oddly enough. I went to a game at Arvest Ballpark and felt out of place without any gear so I grabbed a Crow shirt off the clearance rack. I don't think he had been called up to Kansas City yet but I guess it was obvious he was done with AA.

#163 - Howie Kendrick
I think Kendrick tried to go by Howard last year but I guess it didn't take. I keep seeing Howie everywhere online.

#164 - Andre Ethier
Boy, I bet he feels lucky Matt Kemp's been such a DL-hermit the last couple seasons. Ethier's been able to redeem himself enough to where his contract doesn't look like the absolute worst in the league anymore. Probably only top-10 now.

#165 - Jacob Turner
Going into 2013, Turner looked like he'd been the Marlins' #1 starter. Going into this season, he's probably #4 or #5, even though he had a decent season last year. Miami's rotation could be amazing in 2014.

#166 - Yovani Gallardo
I really don't like the lighting in Miller Park.

#167 - Brian Duensing
I really dig the depth of field in this shot.

#168 - Lucas Duda
Oy, those empty seats at Citi Field.

#169 - Brett Gardner
One of my biggest hopes this offseason was that after the Yankees signed Ellsbury, they'd be willing to move Gardner since he'd be a perfect fit for San Francisco. Unfortunately, the Yankees were smart enough to lock him up for a few more years. Meanwhile, the Giants signed noted clomper Michael Morse to clomp around left field...

#170 - Tommy Milone
If I were an Oakland fan, I'd try really hard to find a reason to call him Tommy "The Mailman" Milone.

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