Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 Spirit Base Series 1: 191-200

#191 - Jason Castro
I wonder if there's ever been another player/team name situation like Castro / Astros before.

#192 - Wade Davis
I take back what I said about the Rockies having the best looking team set thus far. I think it's probably the Royals.

#193 - J.B. Shuck
That's some pretty intense baserunning there.

#194 - Brian Wilson
I'm so glad he's pairing that beard/horse-hawk with a Dodgers uniform now. It makes perfect sense.

#195 - Marcell Ozuna
You may look at the empty seats in the background and think the game is in Miami but that's Turner Feild. Granted, I know the Marlins aren't the biggest draw but, c'mon Braves fans.

#196 - Carlos Gomez
I didn't realize it until writing this post but that's another photo capturing a load of empty Atlanta seats in the background. What I did know about the photo is the exact game this shot is from. That was probably the most entertaining thing you could ask for during a Brewers/Braves game in late September after the Braves had already clinched.

#197 - Trevor Plouffe
Probably one of the most fun last names to pronounce.

#198 - Jonathon Niese
I'm sure Niese would appreciate not using a profile shot.

#199 - David Robertson
Pretty cool non-pitching shot from the mound here.

#200 - Nate Freiman
Those yellow jerseys look great in the Bay-area setting sunlight.

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