Saturday, March 15, 2014

2014 Spirit Base Series 1: 181-190

#181 - Josh Collmenter
What a wickedly weird delivery.

#182 - B.J. Upton
I have no personal investment in either of the Upton brothers but it was kinda depressing to see B.J. the elder have such a poor 2013 season. Let's hope he turns it around this year.

#183 - Kevin Gausman
It may be a dump overall but I really appreciate Tropicana Field for providing nice colorful backgrounds for these mound shots. There are quite a few I've seen with the cyan band across the fence. It really looks good.

#184 - Xander Bogaerts
This year's most-hyped rookie at the moment. I'm glad to see he dumped his old #72 for something a little more permanent. I'm also glad I checked some spring training photos before I published this.

#185 - Darwin Barney
That's some dark Wrigley ivy in the background there.

#186 - Jeff Keppinger
I'll always associate Kepp with the embarrassment that was the Giants' 2011 season. Sorry, Kepp.

#187 -  Jack Hannahan
He should be playing for the A's with all those vowels.

#188 - Jason Kipnis
I hope Kipnis continues on his current trajectory. He's a pretty complete second basemen in a league with few overall great players at the position.

#189 - Jorge De La Rosa
It pains me to say that the Rockies are probably having one of the best looking teamsets up to this point. Must be something about that Rocky Mountain sunlight.

#190 - Rick Porcello
I keep hearing everyone say Porcello's destined to be 2014's Max Scherzer. Oh yeah, that's really fair. I guess that's why Detroit traded Doug Fister for such a lackluster return this offseason. They're just trying to keep things fair. How nice of them.

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  1. Of course the Rockies are great-looking. Purple goes with everything.