Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2014 Spirit Base Series 1: 201-210

#201 - Phillippe Aumont
I wonder if Phillippe has gone through life correcting people that think his last name is a typo.

#202 - Russell Martin
So nice to see Martin finally with a team that's easy to root for.

#203 - Matt Adams
Hey look, he can field, too.

#204 - Andrew Cashner
This photo needs some context for sure.

#205 -  Pablo Sandoval
I really hope Panda keeps his slimmed down physique for more than just this (contract) year. Even if he *gasp* leaves the Giants, I hope he stays healthy enough to silence all the #fatchat that's been plaguing him the last few seasons.

#206 - Mike Zunino
I'm really enjoying all these catchers' photos I've found thus far. They all look bad ass in their gear.

#207 - Matt Moore
The smattering of blurry red in the background is kind of odd but is a nice contrast for the Rays' uniforms.

#208 - Geovany Soto
Great action shot. I wish the ump was a little blurrier or just out of the frame completely, though.

#209 - Brandon Morrow
I'm really glad the Blue Jays rebranding happened. They look so good in their old/new blue uniforms.

#210 - Jordan Zimmermann
Zimm looks a little Oswalt-esque here. I hope he ages a little better on the mound than Roy did.

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