Thursday, July 10, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 261-270

#261 - Ryan Howard

#262 - Charlie Morton
Do not try sneaking up on Charlie Morton. He knows you're coming and he's not havin' it.

#263 - Daniel Descalso
Infielders easily have the coolest photos to choose from.

#264 - Chase Headley
Headley's trade value has taken a big dive over the past season and a half but he's probably not long for the Padres.

#265 - Javier Lopez

#266 - Brad Miller
Nice to see him having a second career after his NBA days.

#267 - Ben Zobrist
As much as he's meant to the Rays, I could see them shipping him somewhere before the end of July since they're pretty much out of it this season.

#268 - Leonys Martin
I'm actually going to the Rangers' game in Arlington on Sunday. The forecast calls for 100° and sunny skies. And we got bleacher seats. Something tells me we won't be sticking around for all 9 innings.

#269 - Jose Bautista
Joey Bats is waaaaay too "active" on Twitter. And by "active" I mean "desperate." I guess it works, though.

#270 - Ian Desmond
Invisible BMX!

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