Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 281-290

#281 - Robbie Grossman
Grossman was recently sent down to AAA. It's his second stint in OKC. We'll see if he plays anymore this year or if he'll be left out of the 2015 Spirit set...

#282 - Jarrod Dyson
I probably should've noticed these two cards feature the same exact pose. Oops.

#283 - Chris Iannetta
#284 - A.J. Ellis
Okay, so some more wonderful set planning here on my part. Consecutive cards featuring catchers from Los Angeles wearing #17. At least the photos are different.

#285 - A.J. Ramos
And now another A.J.

#286 -  Michael Fiers
I like how Fiers' delivery fills the card space.

#287 - Oswaldo Arcia
I'm guessing this is a homerun trot.

#288 - Jeurys Familia
Really nice lighting here. Plus it's a pitcher fielding shot. That or he's doing magic on the mound.

#289 - Ivan Nova
(Fill in the blank) is out for the rest of the season for Tommy John surgery.

#290 - Yoenis Cespedes
Here's your 2-time Home Run Derby Champ. He can tell you're clapping at your screen.

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