Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 271-280

#271 - David Hernandez
AT&T Park is such a pretty background.

#272 - Chris Johnson
I still don't get why Atlanta wears the navy numbers on navy tops.

#273 - Zach Britton
I'm trying to avoid redundant photo selections. So look forward to some more tightly cropped images.

#274 - Jake Peavy
The odds are pretty good that Peavy is reacting to an awesome catch by Jackie Bradley, Jr. here.

#275 - Pedro Strop
What do you think, happy scream or unhappy scream?

#276 - Leury Garcia
There weren't a lot of options for Mr. Garcia here. I had to darken the background for him to standout a bit.

#277 - Zack Cozart
This is a pretty cool shot. Luckily I was able to keep the ball in frame. Most grounder images are a little dull.

#278 - Trevor Bauer
I never noticed how much Bauer's delivery resembles Tim Lincecum's until I was photo searching here.

#279 - Wilton Lopez
Nice to get some green grass in the background

#280 - Andy Dirks
Dirks has been on the DL for all of 2014 but will probably see some action after the all-star break.

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