Friday, April 28, 2017


189. Jake Marisnick

86. Hector Neris

150. Joe Kelly

248. Eddie Rosario

26. Juan Lagares

97. Andrelton Simmons

231. Trea Turner

285. Nick Castellanos

253. Gabriel Ynoa (RC)

G266. Jose De Leon (RC)

OTR2. Mookie Betts - On the Rise (AUTO)

Hit #2 here and it’s a good one. After Mookie’s breakout 2016, he’s quickly climbing the ranks of hobby favorites. Elsewhere in the pack, the De Leon gold is one I debated on replacing since he got traded to the Rays. But since Logan Forsythe has already made an appearance here, I figured it’d make most sense just to keep them with their “original” teams. That means any more trades in the next week or so will not be reflected in the rest of the box break.

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