Wednesday, April 12, 2017


94. Adam Duvall

158. Aaron Altherr

233. Ken Giles

146. Freddy Galvis

73. Ryan Buchter

74. Erasmo Ramirez

172. Mike Zunino

288. Corey Dickerson

270. Dansby Swanson (RC)

G33. Justin Grimm

K1. Max Scherzer - Kings

The Swanson rookie card is probably the noteworthy pull here. If he pans out like he’s hyped to, I think it has potential to become “iconic.” The Scherzer here introduces the Kings insert set. It features the 20-best strikeout pitchers of 2016. I went for a “regal” pattern to match the name of the set and decided to make it a K-shaped die-cut so it’d be a bit more unique. The only cut-out is on the right side, though, to reduce the likelihood of corner dings.

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