Thursday, April 13, 2017


286. Derek Dietrich

56. Troy Tulowitzki

55. Alex Gordon

292. Kyle Seager

222. Homer Bailey

235. Steven Wright

100. Hunter Strickland

2. Dellin Betances

300. Jharel Cotton (RC)

G121. Jordan Lyles

TL95. Zach Davies - Team Leader (MIL ERA)

This is a pretty solid pack player-wise, with the Davies insert and Lyles parallel the “lesser” names. I should probably note that the entire checklist was randomized as well as the pack collation. I’m sure with actual, physical cards, the collation and checklists are affected by the printing setup. I’m just kinda winging it here. If the base cards look a little paltry, I try to make up for it with the parallel and insert. In this case, since the base here is filled with stars and semi-stars, I figured it was a decent place to unload an underwhelming insert. (No offense, Zach Davies fans.)

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