Saturday, April 15, 2017


289. Hunter Pence

53. Adonis Garcia

5. Ian Kennedy

134. Tony Sipp
52. Shawn Kelley

164. Tony Cingrani

80. Robbie Ray

168. Starlin Castro

115. Bruce Maxwell (RC)

G230. Luis Cessa

TMVP25. Matt Carpenter Team MVP Relic

Well, since the base cards in this pack are kinda lackluster, I figured this would be a good place for our first hit. I’ve done Team MVP designs pretty much every year I’ve been doing cards and they always have a relic swatch. They’re a little nicer this year in that I’ve decided to make them patch relics instead of just regular old jersey swatches. It’s hard to judge the sizing here so the patch or whatever may not be proportional. Regardless, it gives you an idea what they’d look like. 

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