Monday, April 10, 2017


79. Clayton Kershaw

240. Ryan Schimpf

204. Tony Watson

190. Miguel Gonzalez

193. Adam Conley

264. Jhonny Peralta

40. Taylor Jungmann

261. Cheslor Cuthbert

50. Edwin Diaz (RC)

212. Jason Kipnis (Gold Parallel)

OTR12. Aaron Sanchez - On the Rise

Another pack, another new insert. On the Rise features 25 players that made big strides in 2016. I wanted the background to look kind of stock market-y without being too hacky. The big subtle brackets pointing forward and up adds some depth without being too on-the-nose. As you’ll see in other OTR cards, the colors fade from one to the other in tandem with the team colors. A little gold foil for the “ON THE RISE” text sets it off a bit.
A few notes on these particular base cards: when the Padres regressed away from last year’s navy and gold color scheme, I had to switch out yellow for a dull gray. The Padres, man. And with so many pitcher cards, the action shots can only vary so much. The checklist is actually half pitcher/half position players so other packs should be less pitcher-centric.

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