Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Spirit Base Series 1: 111-120

#111 - Cole Hamels
Not the most exciting image but I like that he's wearing a blue cap and this isn't a pitcher pose I've used yet.

#112 - Jordy Mercer
A nice simple shot of Mercer taking a groundball. I like that the background isn't busy at all so you can focus on Jordy here.

#113 - Trevor Rosenthal
A lot of Rosenthal's photos were of him coming off the field after closing a game so I guess he's the closer now. This one had a nice selective focus and he doesn't look super obnoxious. A winner in my book.

#114 - Huston Street
The slightly elevated angle is different from anything else I've used. Plus the blue jersey didn't have to be altered much to match my color scheme.

#115 - Matt Cain
How could I pass up the opportunity to show Matt Cain getting a standing ovation while trotting onto the field to accept his World Series ring? Oh yeah, he's wearing the gold SF jersey and hat as well. After his 2013, I need 2012 reminders as much as possible.

#116 - Dustin Ackley
After an up-and-down year, I wonder what 2014 has in store for Ackley now that Robinson Cano has (probably) taken over as the the starting secondbaseman.

#117 - James Loney
I'm pretty sure Loney played more DH than first base last year but I had a hell of a time finding good batting shots and an embarrassment of riches capturing his field work.

#118 - Alex Rios
Rios is still somewhat of a new face to Rangers' fans so I thought having a nice smiling pic on his base card would be a good way to get familiar.

#119 - Edwin Encarnacion
After his last two seasons, it really is a shame how anonymous Encarnacion is in the U.S.

#120 - Denard Span
Luckily there was enough space to show the ball coming down and all of Span's body sliding into the grass. A lot of times I have to sacrifice one or the other.

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