Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Spirit Base Series 1: 51-60

#51 John Mayberry
I wasn't sure whether to add the 'Jr.' or not but decided on leaving it off.

#52 Starling Marte
Any chance I get to show a non-collision play at the plate, I'm gonna take advantage.

#53 Joe Kelly
I hope Joe Kelly sticks around with those glasses. This generation needs a Chris Sabo. (By the way, I had those exact same goggles as a kid.) Also, those St. Louis alternate jerseys are cool but would make more sense on the road than at home, no?

#54 Eric Stults
Man, the Padres' uniforms are dull.

#55 Brandon Crawford
Just trying to get everyone aware that Brandon Crawford = excellent glove work.

#56 Michael Saunders
I know you've probably seen better Saunders' catches on cardboard but I like how calm and routine he makes this running catch look.

#57 Desmond Jennings
I love the Rays light blue jerseys. They add personality to the rest of their bland visual identity.

#58 Derek Holland
Holland, 1945

#59 Melky Cabrera
Oh, Melky. You were so much fun on the Giants in 2012. The Melkmen. Trollface. All those hits. Why'd you have to go and ruin it? Granted, it was all (obviously) too good to be true. But that sure was some blissful ignorance.

#60 Bryce Harper
It's strange how Harper has pretty much lived up to the hype thus far but he's still overshadowed by Mike Trout and now Yasiel Puig. Strangely, it's made him a little more likable for me.

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