Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Spirit Base Series 1: 81-90

#81 - Darin Ruf
There weren't a lot of options for good Ruf shots so I settled on this rough one.

#82 - Andrew McCutchen
Cutch is so lanky and lean a lot of his action shots have his limbs hanging off the edges or leave way too much negative space. This pose makes him look pretty bad ass, which is suitable for the reigning NL MVP.

#83 - Michael Wacha
This is a nice action portrait from the mound. I like that the Musial patch is plainly visible as well.

#84 - Cameron Maybin
Maybin spent a lot of time on the DL last season so there weren't a ton of images to choose from. That's why his neck looks absent here.

#85 - Sergio Romo
Romo's one of those guys that I bet fans of every other team hate. He's so demonstrative on the mound I can understand it. That said, I love the dude.

#86 - Abraham Almonte
I can't say I know much about Almonte but I'm digging the Mariners' teal alternate jerseys.

#87 - Evan Longoria
Longoria has to be one of the most photogenic ballplayers active.

#88 - Nick Tepesch
With that pitchface, Tepesch's nickname could totally be The Beast.

#89 - Anthony Gose
If a baseball is anywhere close to the glove, I feel compelled to keep it in the frame.

#90 - Ross Detwiler
It's always crossed my mind to start a PC of guys named Ross since it's not a super common name. Right now I can't think of any other than Detwiler and Ohlendorf and those two guys don't have a ton a new cards coming out. So maybe it wouldn't be too hard to get started.

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