Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014 Spirit Base Series 1: 91-100

Sorry for the hiatus. I've had a busy week.

#91 - A.J. Pollock
It's nice to get an outfield shot where the guy's facing the camera, even if he has shades on.

#92 - Freddie Freeman
Freddie's looking like Adam Scott's ugly kid brother here.

#93 - Chris Tillman
As I'm putting these cards together, I notice how some teams have similar photographs, most likely from the same photographers. This one looks pretty similar color-wise to the T.J. McFarland one.

#94 - Mike Napoli
Decided to go with that postseason beard. If I were Topps, there'd probably be an SP version with a photo like this.

#95 - Luis Valbuena
One thing I like about this design is it allows for these plays at second to be captured without showing too much of the runner sliding. I know you can see a little bit of Molina here but it doesn't command your attention like the main subject does.

#96 - Jordan Danks
I honestly didn't realize there were two Dankses in the majors until I made this card. Them both being on the White Sox is probably the main reason.

#97 - Johnny Cueto
I really do appreciate how red the Reds' jerseys are.

#98 - Yan Gomes
I wonder how long it'll be before Cleveland ditches Chief Wahoo and I don't have to use it on cards again.

#99 - Nolan Arenado
Arenado probably would've gotten a lot more Rookie of the Year consideration if it weren't for Jose Fernandez and Puig. Not looking forward to having him in the NL West for the foreseeable future.

#100 - Phil Coke
Probably not the most flattering angle for Mr. Coke here but the options were limited.

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