Thursday, October 2, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 541-550

#541 - Evan Marshall
As a rookie, Marshall had a pretty decent introduction, appearing in 57 games and posting a 2.74 ERA.

#542 - Julio Teheran
After his own strong rookie season, Teheran was even better in 2014. He was arguably Atlanta's ace.

#543 - Jonathan Schoop
I bet Schoop will be happy to finally play in a game with the whole country watching. It's sure to cut down on the number of people who refer to him as "SHOOP."

#544 - Mike Carp
It'd be sweet if the league had Mikes named Gar, Pike, Brill, Bass, Cod and Sole. An All-Fish team.

#545 - Mike Olt
I still wish the Rangers could've kept Olt on board, especially considering how the Matt Garza thing didn't exactly work out.

#546 - John Danks
I'm always happy to find a pitcher photo that isn't just the same old windup shot.

#547 - Sam LeCure
He needs some eyeliner and stringy hair, imo.

#548 - Carlos Santana
He needs a perm and fedora, imo.

#549 - Nick Masset
A question for all you Rockies fans reading: Do you all call him the Masset Hound?

#550 - Joba Chamberlain
Joba's really making for lost time spent under the Yankees' "clean shaven" restrictions.

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