Friday, October 17, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 661-675

#661 - Jake Lamb, #662 - Ryan Doumit, #663 - Alejandro De Aza
I've noticed a preponderance of night-time shots in Series 3. Maybe it has something to do with these lesser-known players getting into the game later or something.

#664 - Mookie Betts, #665 - Javier Baez, #666 - Scott Carroll
That Mookie Betts card is pretty cool, coming from the dugout with Yankee Stadium in the background. If he were to become a star I feel like this card would be iconic.

#667 - Manny Parra, #668 - Jason Giambi, #669 - Tyler Matzek
I wish the Giambi showcased his gray hair a bit more. It's pretty wild.

#670 - Ezequiel Carrera, #671 - Jake Marisnick, #672 - Jason Frasor
I'm guessing that Carrera's swing didn't result in a base hit.

#673 - Gordon Beckham, #674 - Darwin Barney, #675 - Chris Hatcher
Orange is really becoming a popular jersey colors these days. I guess it's the new black. (sorry)

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