Saturday, October 25, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 856-870

#856 - Lyle Overbay, #857 - Michael Tomlin, #858 - Vic Black
I saw that Overbay pic with the football and had to use it. A callback to this classic card.

#859 - Adam Warren, #860 - Ryan Cook, #861 - Ken Giles
I don't really know what's happening in that Giles photo. You can tell he's completely off the ground but it's not very certain why.

#862 - Mark Melancon, #863 - Sam Freeman, #864 - Nick Vincent
I'm not sure why Melancon's mouth is agape here. I bet if I said he's yawning it would make you yawn, too. Or maybe you're yawning from the rest of the post...

#865 - Yusmeiro Petit, #866 - Yoervis Medina, #867 - Juan Carlos Oviedo
Wow, two Y-names back-to-back. What are the odds?

#868 - Roman Mendez, #869 - Brett Cecil, #870 - Matt Thornton
I had to crop it out but Mendez is smiling at a bird that landed just off the mound and NOT because the photographer is checking out dat ass.

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