Friday, October 17, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 676-690

#676 - Jimmy Nelson, #677 - Casey Fien, #678 - Kirk Nieuwenhuis
I'm glad I'm not a Mets fan. Typing Nieuwenhuis frequently would be a chore.

#679 - Chris Capuano, #680 - Adam Dunn, #681 - Cesar Hernandez
Even though I'm glad the Royals beat the A's and have made it to the World Series now, I still feel kinda bad for Adam Dunn. I guess it's Bob Melvin's fault for not even pinch-hitting him in the Wild Card Game.

#682 - Tony Sanchez, #683 - John Lackey, #684 - Yangervis Solarte
I figured I'd give Lackey a more flattering photo for his Series 3 card.

#685 - Andrew Susac, #686 - Stefen Romero, #687 - Erik Bedard
The lighting on the Bedard pic is sweet. It'd be perfect for some GQ/A&G-ization.

#688 - Robinson Chirinos, #689 - Kevin Pillar, #690 - Nate McLouth
I'll try not to overdo the diving in the outfield grass shot but this one was too cool not to use. This one has a shadow and carpet! Plus, Pillar didn't exactly have a ton of other shots to choose.

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