Friday, October 24, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 811-825

#811 - Eury De La Rosa, #812 - Emilio Bonifacio, #813 - Jimmy Paredes
Here are three image types I haven't used a ton of just yet. Unlike a lot you're about to see.

#814 - Brandon Workman, #815 - Hector Rondon, #816 - Matt Lindstrom
Pitch, pitch, pitch. That's all you ever do.

#817 - Donald Lutz, #818 - Scott Atchison, #819 - Tommy Kahnle
The Atchison photo was a last resort. Didn't find a lot with him in Cleveland. Another nice Rockies photo, too.

#820 - Jim Johnson, #821 - Gregorio Petit, #822 - Josh Willingham
Petit was a last-minute replacement when I couldn't find a usable photo of some other Astros reliever. Thems the breaks at this point.

#823 - Cory Rasmus, #824 - Jamey Wright, #825 - Tom Koehler
It's nice to have a high-angle shot everyone once in a while to break the monotony. Especially since most of us see the field and diamond when watching games instead of field level shots like these photographers get.

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