Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 591-600

After these last 10 cards, I have a little 'contest' to reward those of you that have endured this flood of repetitive posts. But first...

#591 - Kyle Kendrick
Kendrick actually had his highest innings pitched total this season, falling just 1 short of 200. It would have been the first time since 2011 that the Phillies had three pitchers with 200 IP. That was back in the "Four Aces" days, which seem much longer ago than 3 years.

#592 - Gaby Sanchez
I bet the Pirates wish they could've had a full season of Justin Morneau instead of Gaby's sub-.300 OBS.

#593 - Lance Lynn
Lynn had a pretty great season, lowering his ERA a full run from last year and totaling over 200 IP again.

#594 - Carlos Quentin
Kind of a weird angle but definitely unique enough for me to use it without a second thought.

#595 - Joaquin Arias
As much as Bruce Bochy drove me crazy by overplaying Arias during the regular season, I'm surprised and relieved that he's yet to have a plate appearance in this postseason.

#596 - Charlie Furbush
I wouldn't be shocked if he ranks high on the Mariner's jersey sales list.

#597 - Logan Forsythe
So glad to have him out of the NL West.

#598 - Alexi Ogando
Whichever role he finally ends up in, I hope Ogando's able to stick there and thrive.

#599 -  Juan Francisco
I've never noticed how much he looks like a perfect cross between Juan Uribe and Pablo Sandoval. It's uncanny, really.

#600 - Tyler Clippard
That's pretty much how I feel posting card #600 here.

So Series 2 is finally finished! My original plan was to do another 10 cards of each team featuring the season call-ups and traded players but I'm not sure if I have the determination. The way I've been unloading these the last month or so has kinda burned me out a bit. And I imagine it hasn't been that much fun for you "readers" either. So what do you think? Should I soldier through and whiz through Series 3? Or save my time and your time and close the books on the 2014 Spirit base set?

Oh yeah, about that contest. Since I've made 600 different cards here and nobody in their right mind would have feedback on every one of them, I'd like to hear from you which card(s) in particular you think turned out the best. What's your favorite card from Series 1 or 2? Leave me a comment or tweet it to me and you'll be entered to win this 2014 Topps Archives Bill Russell Fan Favorites Autograph.

I'll randomize all respondents and send this one free of charge to one lucky winner. Just give me the card number and player name by the end of Thursday, October 9th and I'll announce the winner on Friday. Thanks for your patience with this project. I look forward to your responses.


  1. First off, give yourself a little credit. These posts have been great for the majority of the year. You should be really proud of your work and I would love a Series 3, IF you want to do it.

    My favorite Rockies card was the Michael Cuddyer and my favorite non-Rockies card was James Shields.

  2. Ben Revere. #441. End. Of. Story.

    Just a stunning photo. Well captured and well framed in the card. Spectacular.

    Congratulations on the accomplishment of designing 600 cards. What a fantastic set you've built.

    I'd stick with it as is. There's always next year.