Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 796-810

#796 -Rob Wooten, #797 - Anthony Swarzak, #798 - Dilson Herrera
I'd like to see the addition of a Yosemite Sam mustache so we could call him 'Rootin' Tootin' Rob Wooten'.

#799 - Chase Headley, #800 - Jeff Samardzija, #801 - Grady Sizemore
Hey, look! Three players that I'm sure everyone has actually heard of!

#802 - Jared Hughes, #803 - Randy Choate, #804 - Jesse Hahn
And back to the guys most people have only heard of if they've done something bad.

#805 - Jean  Machi, #806 - Austin Jackson, #807 - Kirby Yates
Man, has Machi fallen off the rails in the postseason. I wish he would return to his early-season form and start throwing gas again.

#808 - Dan Robertson, #809 - Todd Redmond, #810 - Jerry Blevins
I try to avoid having a card depict someone other than just the featured player, but Todd Redmond's photo choices were very limited. Luckily the catcher is still geared up so he's still somewhat anonymous.

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