Friday, October 3, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 561-570

#561 - Roberto Hernandez
Carmo-carmo-carmo-carmo-carmona chameleon.

#562 - Jeanmar Gomez
Man, do his limbs look short in this photo.

#563 - Jason Motte
I'm thankful for Motte for no other reason than my last name is erroneously pronounced like his 95% of the time somebody reads it. It's entertaining while playing MLB: The Show.

#564 - Dale Thayer
These two are a perfect pairing here. Maybe I should make an All-Facial Hair Team insert next year.

#565 - Angel Pagan
I can imagine how much Pagan's salute must get on the nerves of all you non-Giants fans out there. I still love it because it means that something good just happened for the Giants.

#566 - James Jones
I guess every sport needs a James Jones.

#567 - Ryan Hanigan
I hope that Bud's replacement is able to fix the whole Tropicana Field embarrassment. The Rays and their fans deserve better. It's such a shame that all of their home shots are marred by empty seats in the background.

#568 - Neal Cotts
Cotts was bonkers last year, posting a 1.11 ERA in 57 innings. This year, though, he got rung up for 4.32 over 66.2 innings. That's pretty analogous for the whole Rangers team.

#569 - Steve Tolleson
I'm not very familiar with Tolleson. That may have something to do with him taking every other year off from the majors. Hey, Steve! Stick around, will ya?

#570 - Doug Fister
How did the Nationals swing this trade? I'll never know. How has it not bitten the Tigers in the ass? I have a feeling we will find out pretty soon.

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