Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 781-795

As much as I appreciate the Giants giving me a little extra time to finish these up before the World Series ends, they can go ahead and win three more games as quickly as possible, k? Thanks.

#781 - Chase Anderson, #782 - Gus Schlosser, #783 - Andrew Miller
Try to say 'Gus Schlosser' without slurring syllables. Can't be done.

#784 - Rubby De La Rosa, #785 - Kyle Hendricks, #786 - Zach Putnam
Wow, there are a lot of pitchers in the league.

#787 - Kristopher Negron, #788 - Bryan Shaw, #789 - Franklin Morales
I really like the Morales card. Nice colorful jersey, nothing too busy going on in the background. Really nice non-action shot.

#790 - Evan Reed, #791 - Jesus Guzman, #792 - Aaron Crow
I feel partially responsible for Aaron Crow's struggles. I used to have his NWA Naturals shirsey that I'd wear to the couple of games we'd make it over to see. He was moving along pretty well into the majors and stuff. Then I lost a bunch of weight so the XL shirt didn't fit me anymore. Since banishing his shirsey to Goodwill, he's struggled with the Royals, falling down the bullpen pecking order. He was even left off the postseason roster :/ I'm sorry, Aaron.

#793 - Jason Grilli, #794 - Pedro Baez, #795 - Bryan Morris
Seriously, so many pitchers.


  1. Hey, I am sorry for the delay with this. I want to (finally) send you my address but I cant find your e-mail. I tend to miss the obvious so likely it is right in front of my face but stupid me cant find it.

    1. Sorry about that. Just email and we'll get it sorted out.