Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 571-580

And here we finally are. Each team's final card of series 2.

#571 - Addison Reed
Do we have any Diamondbacks fans that read the blog? I hear a lot of outside criticism of how the team is put together and run but I've never really heard a fan's perspective.

#572 - Ervin Santana
I wonder if the Royals would've won the division had they re-signed Santana and had him in their rotation all year. But if that would've happened, the world would've been deprived of that Wild Card game and the first two ALDS games and I think we're all better off having things happen like they did.

#573 - Ubaldo Jimenez
What an enigma. He keeps seesawing between a dominant pitcher and a burning can of garbage. At least he made this awesome commercial possible.

#574 - Jackie Bradley, Jr.
The colors are off on this photo. I tried my best but between the green monster and the grandstand lighting, this isn't the nicest card in the set.

#575 - Justin Ruggiano
I have to say, Ruggiano is quite a photogenic guy.

#576 - Moises Sierra
That's a pretty good bat flip from a guy with some impressive namesakes.

#577 - Aroldis Chapman
I'm glad to see he rebounded after that line drive. This is a pretty cool shot with that underneath angle, too.

#578 - Josh Outman
Probably the best baseball superhero name since Batman.

#579 - Josh Rutledge
Being Tulo's backup, Rutledge should have plenty of chances to show his skills at short and the plate. He still has some work to do.

#580 - Don Kelly
I don't know what it is about Don Kelly but the Tigers seem incapable of parting ways with him. He's been on the team since 2009 despite never posting an OPS+ above 82 in all six seasons.

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