Monday, September 15, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 301-310

Let's start unpacking Series 2 (better late than never...)

#301 - Aaron Hill
I like that he's mimicking the shape of the Diamondbacks' logo here.

#302 - Ramiro Pena
I had to look him up on to check his position. Turns out he's not a relief pitcher like his name would indicate. Go figure.

#303 - Adam Jones
#304 - A.J. Pierzynski

The alpha and omega of MLB A.J.'s. On the left we have the most likable one with a fun, friendly photo. On the right, the most hate-able one with an appropriately dickish photo. Pretty proud of my work on this pair.

#305 - Travis Wood
I've noticed the blues really looking funky lately.

#306 - Avisail Garcia
I'm really glad the ball was able to make it in-frame here.

#307 - Tony Cingrani
His last name is kinda fun to say. Try it at home.

#308 - Michael Brantley
Brantley's probably the breakthrough player of this season. I hope he keeps playing at this level for many seasons to come.

#309 - D.J. LeMahieu
I'll never get tired of hearing jokes about D.J. LeMahieu "spinning at the club" or whatever.

#310 - Alex Avila
What a classic cardboard pose here.

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