Monday, September 15, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 311-320

#311 - Brett Oberholtzer
I wish there was just a little bit more area all around the edges of this photo. His foot and glove are a little too close to the edge.

#312 - Billy Butler
Again with the crazy blue. At some point it matched the blue from the photo :/

#313 - Jered Weaver
The soft background focus is really nice here.

#314 - Dee Gordon
I really miss the pre-2014 Dee Gordon...

#315 - Jose Fernandez
I really wonder how the Marlins' season would've turned out if he hadn't gotten hurt. They've been respectable without him so one would think their fast start wasn't a fluke.

#316 - Khris Davis
Do the Brewers wear this gold jerseys very often? They're a nice change of pace from the dark navy.

#317 - Ricky Nolasco
Why, Twins?

#318 - David Wright
Those Steve Rogers comparisons really died down this year, huh?

#319 - Ichiro Suzuki
I'm curious to see if Ichiro quietly hangs them up after this season or if, after witnessing the Jeter Farewell Yankfest all season, he decides to stick around another year and get a taste of that action.

#320 - Josh Reddick
I guess it's Oakland's turn to do the AL West late-season collapse thing this year since the Rangers are nowhere in sight of the playoffs.

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