Monday, September 22, 2014

2914 Spirit Base: 431-440

#431 - Scott Feldman
Feldman's been a decent starter for Houston this year. He'll help eat up some innings the next couple of seasons while the Astros young guys get better.

#432 - Salvador Perez
Probably the best catcher this year in the state of Missouri.

#433 - Raul Ibanez
I feel like there's probably some hidden Ninja Turtles story about an uncle named Raul.

#434 - Josh Beckett
It's hard to believe that the current edition of Josh Beckett was the one to toss his first no-hitter instead of the bad ass from 10 years ago. Almost as weird as Lincecum tossing 2 since he fell into the stinkhole.

#435 - Casey McGehee
Another blast from the past. McGehee's OPS+ is sitting right at 100, which is league average. The last time he was at 100 or above was 2010! Yet he was still up for the All-Star Final Fan vote in July. Even though I root for a team that has Ryan Vogelsong in its starting rotation, I'm still amazed at all the out-of-nowhere comebacks in 2014.

#436 - Ryan Braun
It'll be hard to tell if Braun's decline is a result of him not "juicing" or if it's just plain aging. I bet I know which one most people will believe. I'm still on the fence I guess.

#437 - Samuel Deduno
Deduno may or not be making an appearance in Series 3. He's on the Astros now but we'll see how much room there is on the checklist for a middle reliever to get his second card.

#438 - Curtis Granderson
Grandy's numbers have taken a bit of a dip since leaving Yankee Stadium.

#439 - Jacoby Ellsbury
Hard to believe Ellsbury's only been an all-star once in his career. (2011)

#440 - Luke Gregerson
Literally the only photo I could find of him in an A's uniform that would work for these cards.

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