Saturday, September 20, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 401-410

#401 - Chris Carter
Guessing this was a post-walkoff drenching shot. I'm sure one of his 36 homers this year have been game-enders.

#402 - Mike Moustakas
Looks like he's landed by on his feet after a year of ups and downs. Let's hope he turns it around enough to help the Royals make the playoffs.

#403 - David Freese
I wonder why he kept one of his batting gloves on?

#404 - Zack Greinke
Poor form by Greinke here, dropping a deuce right there on the mound.

#405 -  Ed Lucas
Not a lot of photo options for ol' Ed here.

#406 - Tyler Thornburg
That's some nice looking leather there.

#407 - Kurt Suzuki
Hey, Suzuki was an all-star in 2014! Who woulda guessed it?

#408 - Bartolo Colon
It's really kind of amazing how competent Colon still is after all these years. If he weren't, it'd be too mean to laugh at stuff like this.

#409 - Carlos Beltran
What do you think, Hall of Famer?

#410 - Brandon Moss
Not sure my green recoloring job here is the most believable. Oh well.

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