Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 471-480

#471 - Jonathan Papelbon
Figured I'd play it safe and go with a non-crotch shot.

#472 - Chris Stewart
This Giants/Pirates pipeline thing is neverending.

#473 - Jhonny Peralta
It's probably too late to be on the cuhtting edge of sutble wahndering H jokes, huh?

#474 - Robbie Erlin
The "oops, that fart wasn't a fart" pitchface.

#475 - Michael Morse
It took about half the season for Duane Kuiper to stop pronouncing his last name as Morris. Unfortunately, that's also about how long it took for Morse to stop exceeding expectations.

#476 - Corey Hart
This photo looks like a Panini Special but it was also about the only one I could find to fit the card.

#477 - Matt Joyce
The poor man's Ben Zobrist.

#478 - J.P. Arencibia
One of the Rangers' best pitchers this season.

#479 - Sergio Santos
Looks like Santos is done mending and back to doing his thing again. Glad to see. He was always an under-the-radar great reliever.

#480 - Anthony Rendon
Living up to expectations. It sucks that Ryan Zimmerman's injury is what opened the door for him but the Nationals are probably better off this way.

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