Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 521-530

#521 - Dexter Fowler
This photo almost looks posed. Cool shot, though.

#522 - Omar Infante
Congrats to the Royals and all the Royals fans for finally making it back to the playoffs. I moved to Northwest Arkansas, so I'll be going to a lot of Naturals games in the future. Since they're the Royals AA-affiliate, I think my AL allegiance will probably shift from the Rangers to Kansas City.

#523 - Hector Santiago
The Angels finally went out and got some starting pitching depth last offseason. And what do you know, they're finished with the best record in the majors.

#524 - Juan Uribe
Man, if he weren't a part of the Giants' 2010 Championship team, I'd REALLY hate jazz hands here.

#525 - Jarrod Saltalmacchia
This isn't the most exciting shot but I had to take advantage of a usable Marlins photo that actually includes blue in their gear.

#526 - Will Smith
Luckily the Will Smith photo base I was looking through had the images listed chronologically. And THE Will Smith hasn't been in any movies lately. Unfortunately there also seems to be a rugby player and a cricket player with the same name, along with the NFL player. No matter, I was still able to find this one on the second thumbnail page.

#527 - Josmil Pinto
It'd be great if this guy could find his way back into baseball and work his was up to the Twins. That'd be an awesome battery with Josmil Pinto.

#528 - Eric Young, Jr.
I wasn't sure if the 'Jr.' suffix was necessary or not. But I figure since Senior is still around in the league and stuff, better safe than sorry.

#529 - Brian Roberts
Roberts made it until early August with the Yankees before they decided to end the experiment, acquiring Stephen Drew from Boston.

#530 - Stephen Vogt
Time to believe in Stephen Vogt.


  1. Welcome to this neck of the woods! NW Arkansas is gorgeous. You're a mere 4.5 hours from me now which (I think) makes you my closest trade partner.

    1. I was a lot closer before the move! (Stillwater)