Saturday, September 20, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 391-400

#391 - Miguel Montero
Pretty cool shot with his gear on and mask up.

#392 - Luis Avilan
I had a hard time finding photos of Avilan. I know he's not a marquee name or anything but he's been pretty good for the Braves.

#393 - Ryan Flaherty
Flaherty may have to fill in for Machado in the postseason. That's gotta be a bummer to O's fans.

#394 - Dustin Pedroia
Somehow, Pedroia is pulling off the turtleneck look.

#395 - Jason Hammel
Man, the A's are gonna be stacked in Series 3.

#396 - Adam Eaton
Pretty good illustration of Eaton's speed here.

#397 - Todd Frazier
I know Frazier's more known for his prowess at the plate, but this was just too cool of fielding shot to pass up.

#398 - Lonnie Chisenhall
That's a lotta Ls and Ns.

#399 - Juan Nicasio
I present the "I just saw my mom naked" pitchface.

#400 - Anibal Sanchez
 Last year's AL ERA leader, it's shot up almost a full run this season. 3.46 is still pretty damn decent.

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