Friday, September 19, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 381-390

#381 - Domonic Brown
Dom's starting to look like a bit of a one-season wonder, huh?

#382 - Gerrit Cole
Cole's numbers are a little bit down from last season but he's still a promising pitcher for the Pirates.

#383 - Peter Bourjos
He'd have a great wrestling name: Gorgeous Peter Bourjos

#384 - Seth Smith
Smith's been the Padres best position player by far this season. Good pick up for them.

#385 - Ryan Vogelsong
He might not be back to 2011 or 2012 levels but I'm glad to see he didn't go the full-Lincecum this year.

#386 - Robinson Cano
Cano's power numbers are down but he's still doing well in Seattle. I'm sure its the difference between SafeCo and Yankee Stadium

#387 - Alex Cobb
Looks like he's the Rays ace now that Price has left town.

#388 - Prince Fielder
Let's hope Prince is able to regain his Brewers-era game in 2015. If not, it'll make this trade sting that much more considering I p.c. Ian Kinsler.

#389 - Jose Reyes
I'm glad he can still smile after these last couple seasons.

#390 - Drew Storen
"How's it feel to clinch the NL East again, Drew?"

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